Como, Italy. October 18th -21th

Organizers: Michela Matteoli (Milano), Davide Pozzi (Milano) and Thierry Galli (Paris)

In the nervous system, neurons form stereotyped patterns of synaptic connections. These patterns, the neuronal networks, are rapidly and selectively engaged during information processes. An increasing body of evidence highlights that changes in brain function, both normal and pathological, consistently correlate with dynamic changes in neuronal circuits. During development, neuronal circuits undergo a period of refinement to eliminate aberrant synaptic connections and to strengthen desired circuits. Learning and plasticity change circuit wiring and function throughout all life. Finally, in pathological states, inappropriate connections can form among surviving neurons during neuronal degeneration. The availability of recently developed technologies that allow manipulating specific subsets of neurons in the mouse brain (e.g., gene targeting, optogenetics and pharmacogenetics) is providing us with an unprecedented opportunity to mechanistically investigate the role of specific neurons inside circuits. The course brings together top level scientists to provide a better comprehension on how experience, genetic background, and disease influence neuronal circuits and brain function.


October 18th
14.30 Thierry Galli.
Membrane traffic and neuronal differentiation.
15.30 Michela Matteoli.
Synaptic protein networks in brain diseases.
16.30 Davide Pozzi.
Homeostatic plasticity: keeping neuronal systems under control.
17:30 Coffee break
Erwin Neher: Modulation of Short-Term Plasticity at the Calyx of Held.

October 19 th
9.30: Timothy Ryan.
Axonal Endoplasmic Reticulum and the control of neurotransmitter release.
11.00: Fanny Mann.
Evolutionary history and development of brain commissures.
13.00: Lunch/Poster Session
15.00: Graziella Di Cristo.
Development of cortical GABAergic circuits and its implications for neurodevelopmental disorders.
16.30: Fanny Mann.
Axon guidance mechanisms for the formation of the corpus callosum.
18.00: Timothy Ryan.
Synaptic Energetics – the biology of axonal power supplies.

20.00: Social Dinner

October 20 th
9.30: Tommaso Fellin
Advanced optical tools for the investigation of the central nervous system.
11.00: Michael Hausser
Dendritic integration.
13.00: Lunch/ Poster Session
15.00: Alberto Bacci
Inhibitory control of cortical microcircuits.
16.30: Graziella Di Cristo.
Molecular mechanisms controlling the establishment of cortical basket cell innervation fields.
18.00: Tommaso Pizzorusso.
The mouse visual cortex: a model for experience-dependent regulation of brain circuits.

October 21 th
9.30:Tommaso Fellin.
Optogenetic dissection of cortical circuit function.
11:00 Alberto Bacci.
Perisomatic inhibition onto cortical pyramidal neurons and gamma oscillations.
13.00: Lunch/ Poster Session
15.00: Michael Hausser.
All-optical interrogation of neural circuits.
16.30: Tommaso Pizzorusso.
Molecular control of visual cortical plasticity.

Pico Caroni.
Circuit mechanisms of learning and memory.

19:30 Departure


Application must include a brief CV (1 page) and a research abstract (250 words)